Friday, April 5, 2013

Kim Bum's Childhood Pics Revealed!

Kim Bum (photo grabbed:
Who doesn't know Kim Bum, right? Kim Bum is So Lee Jeong in one of the famous Korean drama from KBS; Boys Over Flowers. He is one of the F4. Isn't he just so charming, right?

KDrama Stars recently revealed Kim Bum's rare childhood pics. Check his cute photos below.

Recently, photos of the actor from his school days were revealed in online community boards with the title “Kim Bum's Pictures From The Past.”

Two graduation pictures appear with his full name Kim Sang Bum, one from his elementary school graduation and one from his middle school graduation.

In the firs photo, the actor has a short hair cut, dressed in his uniform, and he is slightly smiling for picture. In the second picture, still in his uniform, he seems skinnier, but he has the same expression as the other picture. Even back then his eyes were full of charisma.

Netizens who saw the picture said, “He was such a good looking kid.” “He haven't change much.” “He still has his baby face.” “He is so handsome.” and more.

Meanwhile, Kim Bum shocked the public in the last episode from drama “That Winter The Wind Blows,” when his character Park Jin Sung did something he swore he would never do to his best friend Oh Soo (Jo In Sung).

Credits & Article Source: Kdrama Stars


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