I do not own all the photos posted in this blog site but some are personally taken by me. I mostly get the photos in Google when I searched for it. If you want me to take it down, kindly let me know and why by leaving a comment below. I will take it down as soon as possible.

In every blog post, I copied some paragraphs from the various online sites that I stumble upon. But, I do write a little views in it too. And like I stated above, I will take it down as soon as possible if you want me to.

I'll be doing my own reviews in each dramas I watched as soon as I feel to. The first few blog posts that I have are probably copy-pasted because I have watched them a long time and I forgot what to write. The upcoming new ones will probably be written by me in my own words.

If you want me to make a review of a Korean drama, again, just let me know and I'll find a way to watch it and make a review for it. I'll definitely will. comments

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