Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coffee House

What can I say? I was so hooked with this drama. Actually, I am always hooked when Kang Ji-hwan (강지환) is in it. He's beyond words to describe.

I was hooked with this one because Kang Ji-hwan's role here is a writer and I am an aspiring writer (anong konek? :D) so a guy who is a writer is a major turn-on for me.

Ham Eun-joong (함은정) is an amateur who doesn't have a job except for looking out for
their family's little coffee shop. Her sunbae (senior) helped her finding a job.
Actually, not sure if "finding" is the right word to use. Her sunbae knows Kang Ji-hwan and
he asked him to hire her but  sunbae will be the one providing the salary. But later on,
Ham Eun-joong find out about it. She was pretty mad about it that she went out and get

Photo credits: www.hancinema.net

  • Kang Ji-hwan as Lee Jin-soo
  • Ham Eun-joong as Kang Seung-yeon
  • Park Si-yeon as Seo Eun-yeong
  • Jeong Woong-in as Han Ji-won
  • Park Jae-jong as Kim Dong-wook
  • Jeong Soo-yeong as Oh Hyeon-joo
  • Jeong Ji-ah as Ko Yoon-joo
  • Jin Seong as Park Yeong-cheol
  • Ahn Kil-kang as Kang Jin-man
  • Kim Ji-yeong as Hong Bok-nyeo
  • Kim Min-sang as Kang Seung-cheol
  • Lee Soon-jae as Eun-yeong's grandfather
  • Lee Hye-eun as Eun-yeong's friend, Byeong-hee
  • Heo Tae-hee as  Dong-min
  • Ha Dae-ro as Geum-kwon
  • Lim Hwa-yeong
  • Jeong Joon-ho (special appearance only)
  • Kim Han-seok as Radio DJ (라디오DJ) - Special appearance
  • Yoo Chae-yeong as Radio main writer (라디오 메인작가) - Special appearance
  • Baek Jae-jin (special appearance only)
  • Kim Yoo-na

You can watch all the episodes here for free! :)

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